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The Surname, YDNA, M’Laurence clergy, Laurentius Ergadienfis epifcopus, Vicar Labhruinn Kilmartin parish, McLaureus pillages priory in Breadalbane, Vicar Labhrann Ardchattan parish, Dubhghall macGhille-Chr├Čost mhicLabhruinn Kilmichael parish, Vicar Donald Maclaurante Kilkerran parish Kintyre, Simon Laurenceson, Vicar Johannes M’Lern Lochgilphead, Kilmartin, McVicars with followers Appin, Clanlaurane Breadalbane, Clan V’Laurane in Balquhidder, McLaren Tinkers, Chief of the MacLaurins, Clan McLaren chief at Ardveich, Clan MacLaren Chief and Society, Balquhidder and Strathear, Clan McLaren Society, U.S.A., Dalriada fourteen oar galleys, Lords and Earls, Appin divided, The Dugald McLaurin of Ardveich, Strathearn legend, The Rock of the Wicked Resolution, Dugald Stewarts mum named Maclarin, Appin land transfers Appin and Duror are invaded in, Tiree, Duncan Stewart 2nd of Appin, Battle of Killiekrankie, Glencoe Archibald M’Lowrin, Appin McLaurin rent payments, 1715 Rebellion, Stewart of Appin Clan Regiment, List of Heretors Tennants Servants and Cottars 3 May 1746, List of persons not delivered up thier Arms. 6 July 1746 at Islandstalker, Dr. Lachlan McLaurin, Dr. Donald McLaren, Dr. Malcolm McLaurin, Certificate by Ministers, of Schoolmaster on the Estate of Ardsheal :, Burial-place in Glencreran, Appin, Whisky, MacLaurin and McColl Feud, Glasdrum McColls, Leaving, 19th century historians, Clan Laurin origin, Malcolm Maclery, Patrick Stewart, 5th of Ledcreich to Cape Fear, North Carolina, James Logan, Lawrence Johnsione, wadset of lands of Ardquholane - 1464, Robert MacLaren Gaelic Singer, Stank McLarens, Malcolm Maklawryn 1512 Invernenty, Balquhidder with Makyntyrs, Vicar Johannis McLauren of Balquhidder murdered, Balquhidder McLaurins massacred, perhaps?, A second Decree against Clan Gregor includes four Strathyre McLarens, Leckine Burial Ground, The actual McLaren Cemetery near Balquhidder, Balquhidder M’Gregor Bond themselves and give Calps to Glenurchy, Balquhidder V’Laurane bond themselves to Glenurchy, Clan MacIntyre Transfers Homage to Campbell of Glenurchy, 1587 Bond by Laurent M”Lauren to Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurchy, 1593 Bond by Balquhidder Stewarts, Macintyres and Macgregors, M’Olcallum V’Laurane sign Bond to Duncan Campbell of Glenurchy, Priory in Strath Fillan, M’Nabs, Clann MacGille-Cheallaich starts the MacGregor versus Campbell feud in, Argyle gives cancels debt or penalty to ‘indwellers’ in Breadalbane, John M’Alester V’Lawrence, Chamberlain of Kinclavin, John Moir M’Avir Glas son of the officer Johne M’Alister V’Lauren, “The Roll of the Clannis” , Clan Laurin Servitors in Campbell of Glenurchy Records, Robertsone, alias McAyvre, alias McLauren, Lairds of Glenurchy Rollis of Able Men with their Armis, 17th century Atholl Vassals, John McLaren killed, 18th century Atholl Vassals, McLaren piper to the Duke of Atholl, Clanlaurane in Breadalbane granted to Colyne Campbell of Glenurchy, Alexander McLaurane Campbell of Glenurchy as Perpetual Clan Chief, Bagpiper bond to Campbell of Glenurchy, Clan Lawren recognize Campbell of Glenurchy as Perpetual Chief and Master, Letters of maintenance of the clan Larane, ‘ClanLawren’ endorses Coline Campbell of Glenurchy, Rob Roy MacGregor, Charles Stewart of Ardshiel, McLaurins in the 1745/46 Jacobite Rebellion, Balquhidder MacLaren Rebels, Donald McLaren Atholl Brigade at the request of the Duke of Atholl his feudal superior, Post Culloden Balquhidder, Donald MacLaren of East Invernenty was not in the Stewart of Appin Clan Regiment, Balquhidder Stewarts in the Stewart of Appin Clan Regiment, Balquhidder McLarens in the Jacobite Army, Morag McLaurin Kidnapped and Sold, Donald MacLaurine, Colin MacLaurin, John MacLaurin, Lord Dreghorn, Clan Chief, Humanitarian, 1781 Chief of the McLaurins, Dreghorn Heraldry, Abbot Labhran of Achtow, Ragman Roll, MacLaren history fabricated, MacLaurin heraldry mistake, Medieval McLaurin Genealogy based on the MS:1467, Breadalbane and Balquhidder Genealogies, Coirebliochdaig to America Genealogies, Families emigrate from Scotland to North America

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